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6 Tips for Improving Firearms Proficiency

  Improving firearms proficiency should be a goal of responsible gun owners, especially those with concealed carry permits. This article provides tips for improving your proficiency.   We train with some of the world’s foremost firearms experts—Army Green Berets, Army Rangers, Marine Special Operations, Navy Seals, Canadian Special Forces, Police SWAT, and competition shooters. The
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Tips for Building An Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

  Tips for Building An Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Whether you are a competitive shooter, a backyard shooter, a firearms instructor, or just an everyday person going about your business you should consider building an Individual First Aid Kit with you. We built IFAKs for ourselves and we carry them in our trucks. When
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7 Tips on the Use of Force for Self-Defense

7 Tips on the Use of Force for Self-Defense Legal Notice    The above graphic is the property of the Spartan Firearms Training Group and it is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. If you would like to use the graphic in your training please contact us frank@spartanfirearmstraininggroup.com to receive permission to
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Surviving An Active Shooter Event

If you have school-aged children you need to teach them about how to respond to active shooting event so they can increase their chance of survival. We are not experts on mass shootings, but we have learned a thing or two from some people who are. In this article, we will share with you some
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Staying “Left of Bang”

Staying Left of Bang Being aware of your environment–of what is happening around you–is one of the self-defense skills that is very important to master. Paying attention to what’s happening around you is called situational awareness. In this article we share with you several key points about situational awareness from a book titled Left of
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Spartan Firearms Training Group Bundled Training

Spartan Firearms Training Group offers three options for bundling training courses: Bundle #1: Handgun Qualification License (HQL) + HQL (Plus) The basic HQL course provides training to help Maryland residents apply for their Maryland Handgun Qualification License. The HQL four-hour course is required in Maryland to purchase a handgun. The basic training requires students to
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Maryland Wear and Carry Permit

  The Maryland State Police in August, 2019, decided to issue concealed carry permits to business owners without restrictions on when they can carry a concealed handgun. Applicants will still need to complete the required background check, 16 hours of firearms training, and pass a qualifying course of fire.   Non-business owners may still be
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Maryland Handgun Qualification License

Maryland Handgun Qualification License: What is it? The Maryland Handgun Qualification License was created after the Sandy Hook mass shooting in 2012. Governor O’Malley and the Maryland Legislature passed legislation in 2013 creating a special license required to purchase a handgun in Maryland. That special license was named the Handgun Qualification License, commonly referred to
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