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Maryland Wear and Carry Permits

Wear and Carry Permits

  • What is a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit?

    This is what the Maryland State Police (MSP) call the permit that allows you to carry a firearm on your person.  Other common terms are CCW permit, concealed carry Permit, CCP, Carry Permit. It is important to point out that MSP does not distinguish between open and concealed carry.  If you have a Wear and Carry permit in Maryland it is your choice how you decide to carry.

  • Who Is Eligible for a Wear and Carry Permit in Maryland?

    Without question, this is the number one inquiry we get from prospective students.  It is important to point out that although Maryland still has the “good and substantial” requirement for eligibility many people are still able to get permits.  The problem for now is that MSP does not consider self-defense as a good and substantial justification.  The vast majority of our students who get permits (well over 1,000 at this point) fall into two categories.  They either hold an active Top Secret clearance or they own a business or are an employee of a business and have a supportive employer who doesn’t mind them being armed (and submitting employment verification).  There are other approved qualifications, like having documented threats against your life, or having an occupation of assumed risk (judge, attorney, among others).

  • How Long is a Permit Good For?

    Your initial permit is good for 2 years plus how ever many months until the last day of your birth month.  After the initial permit expires, renewal permits are good for 3 years plus however many months until your birth month.  Renewal applications should be submitted 90 days in advance of your expiration date.

  • Are There Any Wear & Carry Training Exemptions?

    Yes, military, law enforcement, and qualified firearms instructors registered with MSP are exempt from the wear and carry training requirements.  They still need to submit all the documentation for the good and substantial justification, but they are exempt from the 16 hour initial and 8 hour renewal training and shooting requirements. That being said, we get veterans in almost every class for the legal review and range training.

  • How Much Does A Wear & Carry Permit Cost in Maryland?

    The initial carry class is $350 if taken with the Spartan Firearms Training Group.  Renewals are $200.  Additional initial costs include finger prints ($60), passport style photo ($10), and MSP application fee ($75).  Renewals will have the photo fee and a $50 app fee.  Applicants for both the initial and renewal courses through Spartan Firearms Training Group will shoot a 200 round course of fire using ammunition they purchase before the training or that they purchase from us on the day of training. We have guns, holsters, and magazine pouches students can use. However, they will need personal eye and ear protection.


  • How Long Does It Take To Get A Maryland Wear & Carry Permit?

    The Maryland State Police have 90 days to issue the permit.  As part of the investigation they will review your online application, conduct a phone interview with you, speak with your references, speak with your spouse, and verify your good and substantial and employment information.

  • What Happens if I Am Denied By The Maryland State Police for a Wear & Carry Permit?

    The MSP has a formal appeal process if your application is denied.  We highly recommend calling us ahead of purchasing a ticket for our wear and carry courses to determine your eligibility to receive the permit.