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Paul Duffy

Paul Duffy

Paul has over ten years of experience as a successful small business owner in Columbia, Maryland. He has had his concealed carry permit in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Utah for over 10 years and is a strong supporter of Marylanders right to own and carry firearms. Along with Frank Duffy, he formed Spartan Firearms Training Group to support others in securing this right as well.

Paul began acquiring his firearms training and skills at the Academi training center in Moyock, NC ten years ago. Paul is currently certified as an NRA basic pistol and rifle instructor. He is certified by the Maryland State Police as a Maryland handgun instructor, and he is certified by the Utah Department of Public Safety as a Utah Concealed Carry Instructor. Paul also holds a Range Safety Officer designation through the NRA and is continuously looking for ways to expand the footprint of Spartan Firearms Training Group in Maryland.

Frank Duffy

Frank Duffy

Francis (Frank) Duffy is a veteran of the U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group (the Green Berets). He served as his A-team’s Medical Sergeant with a cross-training in weapons. He also graduated from the Army Special Forces combat diver school and earned the coveted U.S. Army Ranger tab. Frank is also a certified Executive Protection Specialist through the Executive Protection Institute (http://www.personalprotection.com/), a member of the Nine Lives Association ( http://www.personalprotection.com/Home/NLA), a 2017 graduate of the Gunsite Academy Defensive Shooting course, and a Washington, DC certified firearms instructor. Frank is also a life member of Maryland Shall Issue (https://www.marylandshallissue.org), a non-profit group advocating for 2nd Amendment rights in Maryland. 

Frank also has more than a quarter century of experience as an instructor and creator of training programs and courses based on principles of adult learning. He can be contacted at Frank@SpartanFirearmsTrainingGroup.com.

Paul and Frank hold NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor certifications, they are certified by the Maryland State Police as a firearms instructors, and by Utah as a concealed firearms instructors. Frank is certified by Washington, DC as a firearms instructor. Both Paul and Frank also have Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Utah concealed carry permits since 2010. They also participate annually in intensive firearms training at the Academi firearms training facility in Moyock, North Carolina. Both of them are also graduates of the ALiCE Institute’s active shooters trainer certification course. 

The Spartan Firearms Training Group is also a member and industry partner with Maryland Shooters, Maryland’s premier shooting community (https://www.mdshooters.com/) and we are a verified veteran-owned small business.

Guest Instructor

Michael Mulieri

Michael Mulieri is a guest instructor for SFTG. He has professional experience in weapons, counterterrorism operations and tactics, and covert/clandestine intelligence operations spans 42 years of service in the Green Berets and CIA.

Mike retired as a U.S. Army Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer who served as a Green Beret for 20 years. He also served in Special Forces Counterterrorist units as a commander, and assault and sniper team member. In his military roles he conducted real world counterterrorism missions against various terrorist groups in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

During the Cold War years, Mike served in a stay behind clandestine Special Forces unit, and conducted undercover counterterrorism operations against European terrorist groups. After retiring from the Army Special Forces, Mike served in the CIA for 22 years as a Counterterrorist Case Officer on worldwide assignments.

Mike is an expert in weapons, explosives and demolitions, counterterrorist operations and tactics. He also has expertise in all the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) discipline, including: operational tradecraft, surveillance and counter surveillance.

Mike is certified by the Maryland State Police as a handgun instructor and he is a NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor and a Utah certified concealed firearms instructor.