Certified Firearms Training

  • Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL)
  • Personalized, 1-on-1 Firearms Training
  • Maryland HQL
  • Maryland Wear and Carry
  • Washington, DC Concealed Carry
  • Utah Concealed Carry
  • Certified as NRA Pistol and Rifle Firearm Instructors
  • Recognized by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC)


Spartan does a great job giving you the training and confidence to be safe and proficient in both Firearms and in Safety Training. Highly recommend!

David Calloway Handgun Training Class

Paul and Frank were excellent instructors and thorough in their training for both the classroom and the range portions of the training. It was enjoyable, educational and very worthwhile. I have already suggested Spartan to several friends as the go-to for firearms training.

Linda Kaim Handgun Training Class

Thank you Spartan Firearms Training Group! We value our partnership and are proud of the work we do! We will continue to do our best for all of our customers and partners.

Michele Geidel Handgun Training Class

Agreed, you are the best at what you do!

Bob Gill Handgun Training Class

You have a great program. Keep it up.

Lester Pullen Handgun Training Class

Frank and Paul Duffy are the Gold Standard for this activity. They are a great blend of experience, youthful exuberance, Special Forces wisdom, and the epitome of consummate professionalism.

Michael Mulieri Handgun Training Class

Great Class very informative. Great Instructors! Ez Pz process! I recommend to all.

Cameron Winfield Handgun Training Class

Could not have asked for a better day.  Big thanks to Spartan Firearms Training for putting on a great day of instruction with some fathers and sons.  Cooper and I had a blast. If I'm going to let someone teach my kids how to shoot besides myself it's going to be Paul Duffy and Francis Duffy.  If you need some firearms training, these are your guys.

Beau Bryant Handgun Training Class

I took a one on one session with Frank Duffy. I was NOT disappointed. He is knowledgeable beyond my expectations. The experience listed in his bio is excellent. He brings it to the table in the lesson. He taught me well. I highly recommend him.  Worth every penny. Thank you Frank!

Elizabeth Kesler Handgun Training Class

Such an awesome time.  These guys really know what they are doing.  They made this first time shooter feel totally confident by the end of the session.  We will definitely be back  Jessica Garland

Jessica Garland Handgun Training Class

Yes awesome day! You guys are great! I feel so much more confident and comfortable. Next time I’ll be ready for the barrel rolls lol. Thank you guys!!  

Michelle Merson Handgun Training Class

If anyone is looking for firearms training look no further than the Spartan Firearms Training Group. Father and son duo Paul Duffy and Francis M Duffy got you covered. Great day at the range training some fantastic shooters today.

Marty Day Handgun Training Class

I want to thank you and Paul for a wonderful training experience.

It is truly a testament to your professionalism and your dedicated professional skills, knowledge, and abilities that I could come from a place of reviewing a webpage on the internet, come into your environment knowing nothing, and come out shooting 23 out of 25.

You were both so kind to me.  And I think I grew on the other participants.  They were truly men of character and open-minded.

It was a hard day but worth every bit of rain, every bit of mud, and all the laughs and humor afforded during the day.

Thank you so much for everything.  

Barbara Rainey Handgun Training Class

I want to say “Thank You” to Paul & Frank for the information given for training!! Also, greatly appreciate the help from Marty & John!! I highly recommend Spartan Firearms Training.

Debbie Leonard Barnes Handgun Training Class

Thank you so much Paul, Mr. Frank, and Marty! Very informative (and fun) day! Much obliged for your patience and the knowledge shared and taught.

Inez Donmoyer Handgun CCW training class

Just want to thank both Paul and Frank for an EXCELLENT training course, I learned a lot and took away a lot of great new information on how to PROPERLY handle a firearm. Thanks for some GREAT training, Walt

Walter Tegeler Handgun Training Class

Great time Sat!! The instructors were outstanding…I walked out of there with a lot more confidence than when I walked in. Thanks for including me.

Kenny Parr Handgun Training Class

Thank you so much for a great CCW training class. I just left a 5 star Google review. I could not say enough positive things about both of you and your program.

Brett Gidge Handgun CCW training class

I also would to thank Frank and Paul for such a informative and inspirational class. I enjoyed every moment of your class and hands on at the range. Very professional and friendly but most of all helpful and understanding.
I will make sure I tell everyone I talk to about Spartan Firearms and tell them this is where they need to go! I already have told alot of people I work with (NSA)and I hope to hear about them joining Spartan.
Also wanted to thank you in behalf of my father who took your class Joachim Hoffmann who passed who is no longer with us. thank you Frank and Paul Duffy!
Vanessa and I hope to take some more of you classes in the near future. Please let us know when some slots open up for us on the range..

Tyson Hoffman

Thank you all!! Your class and field training was beyond amazing!!! Thank you!

Your team is honestly SO knowledgeable and caring. Thank you again.


Vanessa Einsig Hoffmann

I just wanted to thank both of you you and your other instructors for the amazing training and learning experience I had with you on July 22 and 23. I was impressed at the length and breadth of experience of your group. You and the Special operators are truly superior humans.

The classroom experience was thorough and interesting. The shooting training was an intense (for me at 64, lol) and eye-opening experience for me. I felt like I learned so much, and realized I have sooo much more to learn. I hope that this is just the beginning of my self-protection and firearm experience.


I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for a awesome day. Today proved that you can always learn and improve a skill. I’m really happy to have met each of you and I would highly recommend this to everyone I know.

Thank you


David Seaby

You all are the best you come highly recommended by me and Jamie, you have the best instructors there is. To many people are in a hurry to just have the wcp, they forget what goes along with it. You must train all the time not just when you renew, we make monthly trips to the indoor ranges and also shoot here at home. Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility, God forbid we have to use it, but we want it to be just and worthy we made the right decision to protect ourselves and our loved ones. And in this world today please have carry insurance, we have US Law and USCCA. Especially the way Maryland hates guns in Annapolis you need it!!!!

Charlie Brown