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Stronger People Are Harder To Kill

This article addresses the need to get yourself in shape so you can survive an armed or unarmed deadly force encounter. You will not find specific exercises to develop your strength or aerobic capacity. Rather, you will read about why getting in shape is important and how it can help you survive a deadly force
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The Combative Mind: Training the Brain (Part 2)

  Introduction   Part 1 of this post explored the idea of the combative mind. Colonel Jeff Cooper suggested that the combative mind is a combination of marksmanship, handgun manipulation, and mind-set. Of the three parts, mind-set is the most important and that idea was discussed in depth. Developing the proper self-defense mind-set requires training
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The Combative Mind: Training the Brain (Part 1)

  “A gun is good. A knife is good. A stick is better than nothing at all, and your hands, arms, legs and muscles are to be relied on when nothing else can be. But, without your brain, without thinking and without cognizant awareness you are little more than an animal fighting for survival in
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