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7 Ways To Protect Your Family During A Home Invasion

Home invasions are often confused with home break-ins or burglaries.  Home invasions are far more dangerous and potentially more brutal than burglaries.  Not all home invasions turn deadly, but some do. Homes are invaded by thugs who know you have substantial amounts of cash in the house, know you have firearms, or who are looking
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Dry Practice to Increase Firearms Proficiency

(Most striker-fired semi-automatic handguns can be dry fired. Some single-action revolvers cannot be dry fired. If you are not sure if you can dry fire your handgun please check your owner’s manual or call the manufacturer. We have Glocks, HK’s and Wilson Combat striker-fired handguns and we dry fire all of them.) Dry practice, sometimes
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Firearms Training: It’s Harder Than You Think (Part 2)

  In Part 1 of Firearms Training: It’s Harder Than You Think some of the important challenges that firearms trainers and students face when training to carry a concealed firearm were discussed. Firearms trainers are preparing students to perform an unknown skill or series of skills under unknown conditions at some unknown place and time.
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8 Tips for Carrying Concealed–Part 2

  8 Tips for Carrying Concealed–Part 2 focuses on preparing to use your concealed handgun in a self-defense situation.  The tips focus on mastering the personal defense triad (mind-set, handgun proficiency, and marksmanship), drawing from the holster, and training (live-fire and dry practice).   Mastering the Personal Defense Triad   Colonel Jeff Cooper was a
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6 Tips for Improving Firearms Proficiency

  Improving firearms proficiency should be a goal of responsible gun owners, especially those with concealed carry permits. This article provides tips for improving your proficiency.   We train with some of the world’s foremost firearms experts—Army Green Berets, Army Rangers, Marine Special Operations, Navy Seals, Canadian Special Forces, Police SWAT, and competition shooters. The
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